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Why Aren't Public Records on Google and Yahoo?

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How many times have you heard friends tell you to just Google it. Can you say the same about public records? Just about anything you can think of can be responded with the phrase, “Google it!” It gets better! When you have your grandparents suddenly on the internet these days. They don’t use that phrase as much, but they are quickly catching up and starting to respond by saying, “I found it on the Internet!” You ask a question on what life was like back in the early 1900s and your grandparents will respond, “Go look it up on the Internet!”

Search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing are tremendously resourceful tools to use for looking up just about anything you can think of under the sun.  They only return information directly relevant to your search words or phrase. Unfortunately, when you search for people, search engines don’t return the information you would expect to get. For example, you wanted to know your friend’s address or a co-worker’s marital status. You just can’t search for their name or ask a question and put it into a search engine and expect to get a result. After all this stuff used to be in the white pages or written in county public records.

Find Public Records Elsewhere

Although contact information, arrest records, marriage/divorce records and criminal history are all public records accessible to everyone, you won’t find them on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

We all know that anyone can say whatever they want about themselves online and pretend to be someone completely different from who they are in real life. This creates a very big problem in not knowing if someone has criminal history or even worse, is a registered sex offender. Just like anyone can represent and say whatever they want about themselves online. They can also say whatever they want about anybody else. The problem here is where does all the information come from?

How are we supposed to know what we read and come across from a search engine is the truth. Here's an even scarier thought, what if it’s someone else hiding in concealment and spreading untruthful information about someone else.

Checking out photos from a friend’s recent trip to Costa Rica is cool. Finding someone off of a social network and seeing pictures of them at their cousin’s wedding is great too! In fact, you can even see where they've traveled by their check-ins.

What if you are buying a used car off of someone or exchanging an old piano for a trampoline. How would you know the person you are transacting with doesn't have a violent past? None of the search engines can help you find out if this person has a clean record. Thankfully, we have information that is specifically collected and available for the public. The problem with it is that each department and governmental body across the different cities, counties and states all collect and store their data using their own system. Some are caught up to the information age really well. Other counties or cities still keep their records in non-digital formats. That’s right! It's prehistoric almost.

Persopo's Public Records Database

This is where all of us here at Persopo passionately believe that having a way to give people access to records that are to be in the public domain should be available for all. Imagine all the decisions you made in the past on people you met, people you dated, and families you had your own family associate with. If you only knew the truth about them. You would have prevented yourself from being disappointed later when something happens that hurts these relationships.  Every single day more and more people are meeting and interacting on the Internet. Oftentimes anonymously or with pseudonyms. The problem is that these meetings and interactions have real life consequences, even though you can hide behind your computer screen.

At least with public records you can uncover this veil that many hide behind on the Internet. Here is my two cents, do your searches on search engines on things you want to know about and understand a bit further. When it comes to interacting and dealing with people online or meeting someone in person... Know that you can get their first and last name and run a quick search on them anytime using!

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