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What to do when you're at fault in a car accident

There are various ways where car accidents can turn into a criminal offense. In spite of different states having different laws, there are always identifiable types of car accidents that can lead to a criminal offense. One of the most popular type of a criminal driving offense is “reckless driving." The purpose of this piece is not to alarm you or teach you to be a hustler in reckless driving, rather to teach you what to do exactly when you face this scenario and minimize all unnecessary disastrous outcomes.

Immediately Call The Police

Most of the states have laws that requires all the information about the damages to be written up in the form of a police report. When the other party says they will sue you because of bodily injuries and car damages, call the police. If you see any minimal damage to either your car or his car, call the police. You thought there is no necessary physical injuries since both of you are driving slowly, call the police. It isn't worth the headache and pain of getting entangled later in a civil or worse criminal lawsuit.

Keep in mind all the things that happened and review it thoroughly prior to the arrival of the police. Be honest and polite. Tell them exactly what happened. Be accurate and modest – it always gives good results.

Take Photographs of the Car Accident

This is one of the most trivial matters, but it is often forgotten by motorists. Most of the drivers do not bring cameras but, your smart phone camera will work just fine. Or you may borrow someone’s phone and send the file to your e-mail. Are there any traffic signs in the area? How about speed limit signs and stop signs? Is there any kind of skid marks on the road? Take as many pictures as necessary because taking photographs of the scene and other details of the surroundings and the crash is a great way to preserve evidence. This can be helpful, specially if you hire a lawyer.

Never Admit Fault

"Never,” means never admit your fault or negligence to anyone including the other driver, the witnesses and the police. Regardless of knowing it was really your fault, keep it only to yourself and your attorney. It is not up to you to determine liability or fault, let your attorney deal with it and the insurance companies.

Whatever the situation, be professional and stay calm even if the other driver is nagging at you. Don’t discuss anything regarding your speed or what you are doing before the accident. Make sure not to open any conversations that will lead to a confrontation like asking the other motorist what they were thinking why did they ignore you while at the scene. If you think that a confrontation will likely happen, tell the other party that you feel dizzy or just call the police and say that you think any argument should be with a police officer present.

The best thing to do after the accident is to ask the driver politely if anyone was hurt and tell them that the police is coming for help. Never accuse the other party of wrongful actions and do not get mad if you are accused and thrown blame. Avoid any possible actions that will trigger more problems and criminal charges.

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