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Quick and easy holiday decorating ideas

Holidays are right around the corner, honestly who would of thought! Most of us now are hurrying around trying to figure out what to purchase for the holidays and how to decorate for the holidays. Sadly, this article won't help with the purchasing of gifts. This article will help with the decorating portion of the holidays.

Posts of Christmas Past

For a mantel with extra flair, collect family holiday cards from previous years and clothespin them to a long, slim stick suspended between two vases. Put them in chronological order and, if you want, date the pins.

Hang a Wreath

Try a painted magnolia-leaf wreath this year―and every year.

Lend a Hand

Pin mittens―either stray ones or pairs your kids have outgrown―to lengths of yarn and display them along a mantel or a bookshelf. You can also hang kids’ striped wool socks or knit caps.

Darling Clementines

Take several lengths of heavy-gauge wire, knot one end of each, and string through a clementine and a jingle bell (yes, your hands may get a bit sticky). Twist all the wires into a cluster and secure with a large bow. Hang on a newel post or your front door.

A Pine Idea

Perfectly at home in a modern apartment or an Adirondack-style log cabin, pinecone candles lend a touch of the forest to any decor.

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