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Fun and Easy fall decorating tips

I love decorating for fall. I also think that I keep my fall decorations out longer than any others. I do enjoy Christmas decorating too, but fall is more my style. Those warm earthy colors just hit home for me. My decorating style with seasonal decorations has evolved over time. I have worked in retail and while it is not exactly the same, the ideas behind creating an eye catching display are similar.

Clean up old seasonal decor.

If you had a lot of red, white and blue out for the summer, or bright floral arrangements, consider putting them away for the fall and winter holidays. Do the same with knick knacks that just don’t go with the season. Sea shells mixed in with fall leaves, just isn’t going to catch the eye in a good way. Give the table or sideboard, front porch or wherever you are working a good sweep. Then start to gather your decorating material.

Pumpkins will probably play a large staring role in your fall decor but don’t stop there

Mix in some old and new items with the pumpkins. Try to gather some items for texture, color and different heights. Add a surprise color into the scheme, like eggplant for example. If you have trouble mixing colors, google search for a color wheel and look for complimentary colors to the dark orange of pumpkins.

Go a bit overboard!

We grew lots of pumpkins this summer and gourds made a surprise appearance, also. Try to gather the things you love and go as big as you can. A potted mum is a pretty thing all by itself, but it can be breathtaking if surrounded by the right complimentary objects. I like to use all of the fall items in my displays Mums, Pumpkins, gourds, straw, cornstalks, all have a place in my displays. If one pumpkin looks lonely sitting on your front porch, grab a few more and display them in a shallow basket or grouped on a bench. Add a mum to the grouping.

Think high and low

Filling in the spaces with smaller items will round out your display. If you have some beautiful fall leaves in your yard, scatter a few around the pumpkins on the porch. use a dot of glue to make them stick where you want them. Use an old ladder or cornstalks to add some height to your display. Decorative flags are also a nice addition.

Use unconventional items in the display

Do you have an interesting pitcher or vase? dried grasses or flowers might add some height to your display. How about a family photo in a frame as part of the scene. I like to add in vintage kitchen items, wooden crates, baskets and something made of glass. Mixing all the different textures makes me happy.

If you don’t like the rustic look of lots of vintage items grouped together, you could achieve an eye catching fall theme by just using one or two colors in a more monochromatic look. Try mixing in one medium size white pumpkin with an assortment of sizes of orange pumpkins. Place the pumpkins at different heights to make it eye catching.

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