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Top news sites in the World

One of the most common things read or watched across the United States is News. There are so many different ways to check on what is going on in the world. You have your phone, computers,tablets,papers, and not to mention almost every store has a Television inside of it. I've always wondered which news channel is more popular then the other. We wanted to give you a list of what we thought were the top news sites in the United States.

Yahoo! News

Most of us use yahoo as our main home screen whenever we open our internet browser.REally good source of information regarding top News articles. Estimated monthly visitors 175,000,000 !


HuffingtonPost has a lot of traffic coming to their site! They are one of the leading news sites.Estimated monthly visitors 110,000,000!


Cnn has an estimated monthly visitors of 95,000,000.

New York Times

New York Times has an Estimated monthly visitors of 70,000,000.

Fox News

Fox news has an Estimated monthly visitors of 65,000,000.

NBC news

NBC news has an estimated monthly visitors of 63,000,000.

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