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Top Grocery Stores Across the United States!

Americans spend a lot of time and money grocery shopping. The average shopper visits the store about 88 times a year, spending upwards of $6,000. Consumer Reports recently surveyed 27,208 readers to rank 55 supermarket chains around the U.S.The top two stores — Trader Joe's, a Southern California-based specialty food chain, and Publix, a Southern chain — all had high marks for service and cleanliness. These are the top grocery stores in the United States!


Consumer Reports Reader score: 88. Best service, Best perishables, Good prices, Best cleanliness.

Trader Joes

Consumer Reports Reader score: 87. Best service, Good perishables, Best prices, Best cleanliness.


Consumer Reports Reader score: 84. Okay service, Best perishables, Best prices, Good cleanliness.

Sprouts Farmers Market

Consumer reports Reader score: 84. Good Service, Best perishables, Good prices, Good cleanliness.

Market Basket

Consumer Reports Reader score: 83. Good service, Good perishables, Best prices, Good cleanliness


Consumer Reports Reader score: 81. Okay service, Okay perishables, Best prices, Okay cleanliness.

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