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Top 7 Travel Scams To Avoid This Summer

Summer is already knocking at our door, who would of thought! I know many of you are just waiting to take that vacation time and travel to a beautiful and warm area. We decided to compile a list of what we thought the top 7 travel scams to avoid during your summer vacation.

1. Gypsy Curse

This is popular scam in Europe and India. An elderly woman dressed like a gypsy will offer you a flower, plant, herb, or a sprig. It is commonly Rosemary, sometimes it will be a combination of things wrapped in foil or a ribbon. The woman will try and give it to you. If you accept, she will ask for a large payment in return. If you refuse to pay her, she will claim to have cursed you. Expect to be followed and yelled at a lot.

2. The Fake-Out

In some sketchy hotels, scam artists will slip fake takeout menus under your door. If you decide to order, the food will never arrive but they will be happy to have obtained your credit card information

3. The Fake Baby Trick

This is very common in Europe. A woman will throw what you will probably think right away to be a real baby, but you will soon realize it is a fake baby. In that brief time of you being shocked and frightened by what just happened someone would have ran up and picked your pockets. Make sure to be careful of this if you are traveling to Europe this summer.

4. The Pusher

Are you planning on visiting the Far East or the Middle east this summer? If you are make sure to be cautious. I wouldn’t recommend in any circumstance to agree on buying or taking any kind of drug, even if it is sold as a “prescription.” Local police often try to sell drugs to tourist as a trap to get money out of them. They use the scare tactic, they will try to threaten you with life in prison unless you pay a large sum of money.

5. The Free gift Trick

In some areas people will attempt to give you items for “free”, such as a string bracelet, maybe a CD, a rose or something else. Once you accept this “free” gift they will start demanding money in return.

6. Couch Surfers

If somebody offers to let you stay at their house for free, please decline. Instances of rape on sites like are a huge risk putting your life in some random person’s hands. I’d recommend checking into a reputable hotel instead. Saving money on a trip is always a positive light, but is risking your life really worth it?

7. Don't Sign in

Someone may ask you to sign a petition for charity. It will be in a foreign language. Once you sign this so called” Petition for charity” the owner will then make accusations of you owing them thousands and thousands of dollars. This is just a distraction for someone in the meantime to ransack your pockets.

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