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Things to not forget when going to the beach!

Summer time is here! I'm sure most of you by now have realized that scorching sun only means one thing, Beach time! It is swim suit season and its time to start making plans with the friends and family to head over to the beach or even pool to have a nice swim. We wanted to remind you to remember to bring those special items!


As silly as it sounds, remember to bring a lot of water. Physical activity plus the sun beating on you is definitely going to make you dehydrated. Remember to drink a lot of water.


If you're one of those lucky people who dont get sunburned, then you are a lucky person. I am one of those people who turns as red as a lobster, please remember the sunscreen!


An umbrella is a good way to have some shade to cool off from that scorching heat.

Change of clothes

This is something I always forget. Gotta bring the extra clothes to change into, keeps your car clean and makes it to where you dont have to sit in the uncomfortable wet clothes.


Sunglasses are optional. I recommend them to people who are trying to relax while being able to look around.

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