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How to Know What's Tucked Away in Your Background Report

Ever wonder what comprises a background report? We hope to clear up a few details on certain parts of a background report that you might have never known about. Some of these tips and info can help defend your online reputation and know what is listed for you in the public records domain. Here are some items that would show up in your public record when you are on a site like

First, we'd like to let out a little known fact, that public records are gathered from many different sources. Municipalities, counties, states and courthouses all house different types of public records data. For example, your local county might have your marriage/divorce record, but sex offender information is kept on the state level. Bankruptcy cases are in courthouses where the bankruptcy was filed.

Your background report contains not only criminal records, but also arrest records. If you have ever been arrested or booked for a charge that was later dropped, then that information is part of the public records domain. Even though someone was never found guilty of a misdemeanor or a felony, if they were charged by their local District Attorney for a crime, but later acquitted; that information is available.

Taxes are another big issue most people aren't aware of that are part of the public record and can be viewed by all. If someone owned a property and had an unpaid tax lien, then that information is available.

If there is information you find about yourself in your background report that is inaccurate, the only way it can be cleared up is to go to the source. The source in this case is the city, county or state that has this information. They are the government bodies that are responsible for recording and making available information within the public records domain.

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