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4 Summer House Cleaning Hacks

Summer will soon be upon us, and that means that children (big and small) may be terrorizing and dirtying up the place. With that in mind, here are a few tricks to work smarter, not harder, to keeping the house fresh!

1. Grease Stains

  • The mother of all cleaning annoyances! Most of us know the old way, burn it and buy another! Wait….no? Are you sure? Well anyway most people know that dealing with grease, the best way to combat it is simply throw some dish soap on there, kills grease on pans and why not pants? But some even savvier cleaners say that applying some cornmeal onto the clothing before washing will help soak up the grease from the fabric!

2. Appliance Care

  • My least favorite appliance to clean used to be the stove, so much surface area and those gas burner covers are such a pain! But after someone told me you could put a burner into a sealable bag with ¼ cup ammonia in it overnight, I never give them a second thought!

  • My new horror is my blender. All those parts to disassemble, clean, dry, then reassemble between every smoothie cry !! A friend of mine let me know to just add a quick squirt of my usual dish soap into the blender and fill ¾ with hot water and let her rip for a few minutes! Rinse it out well and it air dries in less than an hour!

  • I hated going to grab coffee in the morning, more-so since I have a perfectly fine java-maker at home; it just tasted foul from the buildup that a gallon of elbow grease couldn’t match! Then I read that filling the tank with half hot water and half vinegar and running the cycle made the spout spray like brand new! They didn’t tell me that the vinegar's smell/taste lingers though. But just run a whole pot of water through the cycle a couple times and its gone. Best $4 coffee I haven’t bought in weeks!

3. Odor Relief

  • Most people know that putting old shoes in a plastic bag and putting them in the freezer takes away any bad smells. Shoes are one thing, but what about pets? Throw a cup of baking soda over literally anything in your house (fabric-wise) and let it sit for an hour before vacuuming it off. No more pet smells on your couch/bed/carpet!

  • Try some vodka in a spray bottle over your bed or elsewhere to kill those germs you only see under a black-light!

  • We have all seen those small air fresheners you can buy for your car that clip onto your vents, but who has gotten one of those for your house? They clip onto the vents in any room just as well!

4. Bathroom Nightmares

  • Placing a small shower curtain rod underneath your sink will make use of all that empty space up higher. Useful for hanging spray-bottles from!

  • A cup of baking soda into the tank on the back of your toilet will actually clean both the pipes and those hard to reach water stains in the bowl!

  • Lastly, something I found out by accident. Instead of using cleaning products that somehow still streak no matter what the bottle says…. Go to the dollar store and get a bottle of body wash for your shower! Yes you read that right, use body wash to clean your shower! Since it’s made for cleaning, deodorizing, and freshening up a human, it doesn’t leave soap scum, very few streaks, and you get to pick how you want your shower to smell! Bonus, wear some throw-away socks and dump a cup of baking soda on the shower floor, can scrub away at it while working on the walls!

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