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Simple Ways on How to Avoid an Arrest

Just as most adults say, reality is harsh and if you are not prepared, things might not be looking good for you in the future. The concept of this piece is not to teach you to be afraid, but rather to help you acquire a better understanding and proper knowledge that will increase your chances of not being arrested.

Avoid Illegal Searches at All Costs

If you have a bad feeling about the search and the authorities keep on insisting the search without a warrant or any notice from the court, just say no politely. If they keep persisting and asked why, just tell them that you want to protect your rights by doing so. Try to reason with them that you yourself are an obedient individual and never in your life once committed an action against the law, and you believe that by doing so, you deserve to have your rights protected and the authorities on the other hand should also obey the laws. At the end of your explanation also note that, you are not trying to educate them because you are aware they know better than you do and they are just doing their job and you respect it. However, state that you are not comfortable with any searches inside your car or home. While saying this, be very polite and do not try to smile (it can stir the situation in the wrong direction).
If things still turn for the worst, the best thing to do is tell them that you request to speak to your lawyer before they do their job. If you don’t have a lawyer, you should still claim you do so in a very neutral and polite manner.

In the Middle of an Illegal Act and Trying to Avoid Arrest

If you are planning to drink with your friends and you know there is a curfew in your town that is enforced in a strict manner. Do your drinking with friends inside your house of your friend’s house. Police officers can’t just barge inside your house just to check if there are minors drinking alcohol. Exercise good judgment to not get caught in a bad situation with the law.

What Should You Do if You Are Caught On Act

Unfortunately you are caught for drunk driving and you know that being arrested is inevitable, what do you think you should do for you to escape this miserable scenario? Be pitiful period. Tell them that never in your life you will commit the same mistake and that a single arrest record will greatly impact to your livelihood, education and family. Ask them if they could be so kind as to spare you another chance, if the police officer is a family guy you’re very lucky. Just go on with your acting. Cry a lot and act as if you would puke out of nervousness. Beg for mercy. Do not be shy of such a trivial matter rather be embarrassed if you get arrested and allowing the authorities to take your mug shot.
We all make stupid mistakes, but exercise good judgment when you feel your breaking the law. Also, don’t forget sometimes just asking for a pardon or a second chance to the police in a sincere manner can save you from getting fined or worse off, arrested!

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