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Should he be trusted? Not if he does these four things

Many of us out there are dating or looking to date. Some may have already found someone they have interest in but there are little things they do that bother them. You might dislike the way he reacts to things or the way he behaves in public or even how he smacks his lips while he eats.

Some habits are forgiveable and changeable. Dating is all about growth after all. The biggest thing needed in a relationship is trust. For some of us it is the hardest thing to achieve in a relationship. If you dont have trust, you will drive yourself crazy. We wanted to put together a list to show red flags while dating or looking to date that special guy.

He never gives straight forward answers

"what are you doing later"


"Have you ever tried that restaurant?"


If it is a process to get information out of him, chances are he is lying.

His friends like to lie

Usually the people you choose to befriend are somewhat like you. If you meet his friends and they like to stretch the truth about things or try and cover up parts of stories, chances are this guy is a lot like his buddies.

Steps outside to take a call or text

Ever wondered why he went outside to take that call or to send a text? Chances are he is trying to cover up something or prevent you from seeing the truth. Be careful in this situation.

Background check

The easiest way to find out the truth on someone is to check out their history. See what kind of trouble they have been in, if it comes back clean then you have less to worry about!

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