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Risks and Rewards of Online Dating

Online Dating & Cyber Relationships

E-dating is the way more and more singles are doing in hopes of finding that special perfect someone. Millions of people are doing it today as men and women are online dating. They are putting themselves out there and writing vivid descriptions of themselves and photos that hopefully represent them best. Relationship counselors agree that simply just logging on and creating an online dating profile is a great way to meet that special someone who makes a great match.

Online dating has advantages for those who are shy and uncomfortable in meeting people in public places. It's also an added benefit if you are a young single who just moved to a new city. In the ever so fast paced lives we lead today, online dating services can be a great option for those short on time to get to meet and exchange a few messages with someone.

Another great advantage of online dating is that you aren't confined in your selection for a future potential partner within the area you live. You can search nationwide and even internationally. Some sites even have audio options where you can hear your potential match's voice. Choosing an online dating service has its own challenges. The best advice is look for sites that match your particular needs and specialize in matching those with shared common interests.

Disadvantages of Online Dating

One of the biggest disadvantages of online dating comes from the whole informality of messaging someone. Being behind a screen allows you to be casual with someone too fast. Too much outright open conversation quickly can scare a man or woman away. Don't fall or believe everything you read about someone's online dating profile.

Here are some helpful rules of thumb. Make sure you ask for the person's photo and be cautious of excuses that are made against sending a picture. Ignore those who send emoticons and escalate to a sexual dialogue too quickly. Don't answer messages from those who come off as the player type. Make sure you always guard your anonymity online. Don't put up your last name, phone number or where you live in your profile. Setup a phone conversation before you decide to meet up with someone. Telephone caller ID blocking helps in not giving out your number. Always go for a first meeting at a public place and tell a friend where you will be going. Always be on the look out for warning signs or information that is given out by the other person that could be inconsistent.

Remember to always protect yourself and pull away if you feel uncertain or uneasy about giving out your phone number or a schedule meetup. Good luck out there and always approach any encounter with safety in mind!

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