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Relationship Warning Signs to Watch Out For!

Most of us at one point or another in our lives were either involved in a toxic relationship or had a friend or relative that was involved. The lessons of the past ring in our ears and we like to boost our confidence in ourselves by having conviction that we won't ever be in a bad relationship again.

The best advice given by relationship experts is to look carefully for early warning signs in your partner. The chances are high that early indicators might save you the heartache, headache and stress from a bad relationship. It's important to be self-aware and pick up on some of the more major relationship warning signs.

1) Aggressive Behavior

Any type of behavior that's hostile or threatening is  unhealthy in a relationship. There is a fine line between being frustrated or angry versus verbally or even worse physical abuse in a relationship.

2) Irresponsible Habits

This one is a hard one to pick up. A partner who isn't careful with their finances, unable to be reasonably punctual and keep appointments are early indicators. Also, a partner who has a history of switching jobs constantly and a long history of unemployment is also telling. Everyone needs help and motivation, but there is a fine line between fixing and learning from mistakes and simply not owning up to their responsibilities.

3) Controlling and Territorial

When a partner views the other partner as someone of lesser intellect, looks, social smarts and etc... This type of jealous and unequal behavior breaks the barrier of having mutual respect in a relationship. In a controlling partner, there is an underwritten expectation that one partner must conform by default to the other. They may tell you that they love you so much which is why they called to check up on you and were worried. These are not good signs.

4) Manipulative and Dishonest Behavior

These relationship warning signs are subtle and very hard to pick up when you first hitch up with someone. Whenever your partner makes you feel guilty, withdraws love and care, plays the blame game with you, that's straight up manipulation.  They will frequently criticize or make you feel small to push their manipulative motives. Paired with manipulation is outright dishonesty. They can use it to cause drama or make themselves look better. Everyone tells a lie, it's only human; but the intent and scale of the lie(s) absolutely matters.

5) Unstable Behavior

It can be a mental drain dealing with a partner who constantly switches and has very unpredictable mood swings. This is another subtle relationship warning sign that makes it hard to pick up. A person who is sad and crying one minute, then starts laughing. A partner that unexpectedly has a drastic mood change by doing some minor or unexpected thing screams unhealthy! A healthy mental balance is essential in a good relationship.

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