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New Updates On Texas Clock-Maker Student

I’m sure most of you by now have heard the story of the young Ahmed Mohamed. If you haven’t, let me go over some information with you. Ahmed Mohamed is a 14 year old boy that lives in Irving Texas. On September 14th Ahmed Mohamed was arrested for a “Bomb Hoax”. Since his release he has been invited to the white house, Microsoft sent him an abundance of electronics, he has had the attention of social media backing him and even scholarships have been given to him.

This story sparked the attention of so many people, that some people got interested in seeing what this so called clock was actually built out of and how it was made. Some engineers say something’s fishy about Ahmed’s clock. The claim of conspiracy has set the internet aflame.

Electronics experts who examined the clock have called it a fraud. This has been such an interesting topic that it grabbed the attention of famed biologist Richard Dawkins, who on Sunday sent out a tweet:” we were all fooled.” Richard Dawkins went as far as suggesting the 14-year-old had motives. Dawkins wrote: “if this is true what was his motive?” This digital clock was inside a black pencil case and tied shut with a cable.

The webmaster of, Anthony DiPasquale exposed the circuitry behind the clock. In an interview with The Daily Beast, he said: My initial reaction was probably similar to everyone else’s: “I feel really sorry for this kid, but the nerd in me wanted to know specifically what he did or what technology or methods he might have used."

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