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My Online Profile - What You Should Know

Can you even imagine not being able to use the internet for a day? No e-mail, Facebook updates, Instagram photo feeds, or Google at your fingertips?

We have really grown used to this online connected society we live in. What about your safety? Everyone should ask themselves, "What is my online profile?" "What information is out there from all my sign-ups to these various different sites?"

My Online Shopping Profile

All the online shopping sites from your major retailers to the small sites selling unique products collect your information. They have no business storing your address, phone number, date of birth and some even store your driver's license and social security numbers. Not to even mention banking and credit card information that's in their databases.

The large corporations have the legal muscle to store and update your online profile. You can't buy anything from them unless you're willing to give up your information to them. They exercise the right to use that data and they will do whatever they can to make a buck out of it.

My Online Social Media Profile

If you have signed up to any of the social media sites, chances are you have at least put up a few pictures of yourself or of your friends and family. You should know that even though they are your pictures, it doesn't mean information fraudsters and shady international websites can't take pictures of you and your loved ones and use it on their websites. They can use your photos in any way imaginable. From a pornographic site where they use your children's pictures to advertising a picture of your family for some foreign product.

Advice Regarding Your Online Profile

Always be cautious when putting up pictures on social media sites and make sure you check your privacy settings. You don't want pictures you post of yourself or your friends and family available to the whole world. Anywhere you share photos make sure you use credible websites.

When it comes to online shopping and buying/selling products make sure you exercise common sense. You don't need to submit anything beside your address and card info to purchase something. If there is more personal information being requested, it should raise a red flag. Be safe out there and always think twice and consider that you have an online profile out there in the internet.

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