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More Deportations for those with Minor Criminal Records

Obama Administration Deporting Illegal Immigrants with Criminal Records

Even those with minor criminal records are deported.

Illegal immigrants with even minor criminal records are being deported at a record pace under President Obama's administration. Although the administration claims that those who are gang affiliated and are hurting our communities are the targets. The internal documents from the 2 million deportation cases under President Obama's administration show different startling results. Nearly two-thirds of those deported had minor criminal records such as; traffic violations, minor infractions and no major felony type charges at all.

Although President Obama in his running for office had strong promises of a comprehensive immigration reform policy, records show enforcement grew. More and more immigrants with minor and even with no criminal records are being locked up in immigration cells and being deported. The Freedom of Information Act allowed the release of 3.2 million deportation records over 10 years and provides transparency. This detailed portrayal of those deported and their corresponding criminal records show a grim reality.

Information on those 3.2 million cases obtained from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement log comprehensive information. However, they do not show enough to determine which cases were repeated deportations of the same person.

Many families are torn where children are afraid of going to school knowing that they can come home and their mother and/or father can be gone. There is lots of anxiety and stress in those families and many of these communities feel betrayed by President Obama's promises and continued lack of effort.

Families are being ripped apart and nobody is answering their cries for reform and help. President Obama's response was that the stories of pain and suffering should be held back and more productive strategy must be discussed for winning permanent relief. The hold up being Congress, was the claim made by the President. The political challenges are many and those immigrants with minor criminal records are more at risk than ever with all time high rates of deportations.

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