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Important, But Often Overlooked Tips For Working Out

We always overlook the simple things, especially when it comes to working out.
Working out doesn’t need to be daunting nor confusing. In fact, working out should be a fun way for you to relieve stress.Before you get caught up in the latest and greatest way to work out, check out 7 of the most overlooked tips for working out.

You’re forgetting to warm up

Lifting weights and cardio are the sexy aspects of training. Warming up is often thrown to the backburner.Often times, people are pressed for time, so they opt to skip the warm up and immediately get to lifting.Bad idea.The likelihood of injury goes up for those who prefer to skip the warm up. By properly warming up, you decrease muscle stiffness (by increasing blood flow), reduce the risk of injury, improve performance, and psychologically prepare yourself to workout.

You’re not focusing on form

Besides looking good, using proper form has plenty of benefits, such as ensuring the correct muscles are being targeted, proper breathing is being maintained, and you are able to lift more weight.By not paying attention to form, you run the risk of muscle strains, tears, joint problems, and back problems.

Your nutrition is lacking

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?

“I can’t recover from my workouts; my muscles are sore for days.

“I have little to no energy; I’m always freaking tired.”

“I can’t seem to lose any weight.”

90% of the time, you’re not eating enough food to supplement your workouts. Eating is how you supply your body with calories, which provide you with energy. Supplying your body with nutrients helps your body grow, become stronger, lose weight, and boosts your metabolism.
Depriving your body of nutrients leads to poor gym performance, metabolic problems, and weight gain.Making great food choices is your opportunity to reshape your health. Your workouts and body composition depend on you making nutrition a priority.

You’re using too many machines

95% of the machines at gyms are useless and serve no purpose.Often times, a machine works a single muscle and limits your range of motion. With free weights, you use multiple muscles, including those forgotten but important stabilizers.Stick to compound exercises (squats, deadlifts, shoulder & bench presses, & hip thrust), limit isolation exercises, and save time in the gym.Lastly, it’s (way) more fun to drop some heavy weights as opposed to simply adjusting a pin on a machine.

You’re not challenging yourself

Have you become bored with your routine?Is your routine too easy now?Have you hit a plateau where the weight isn’t coming off?
If you answered yes to any of these, then you are most likely experiencing a side effect of not challenging yourself.I recommend staying with a routine for 4–6 weeks before changing, but waiting too much longer after that reduces the effectiveness of your routine.Your body is one smart cookie, so doing the same thing repeatedly won’t cut it.

Instead of thinking about increasing the duration of your sessions, focus on the intensity of these sessions. Implementing metrics such as increasing weights, decreasing rest periods, switching exercises out, using supersets, and limiting seated exercises are excellent ways to keep progress moving in the right direction.

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