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How to Win over Employers When You Have a Criminal Background

Are you one of those people having nightmares about being jobless because of your criminal records? Don’t be. All you have to do is follow the simple steps below and you will be able to release yourself from bad dreams and find yourself a job in no time. Are you interested?

Know your resolve.

Why do you need a job? How much do you need to earn? Would you like to earn more by going the extra mile of having a part time job aside from your full time work? You see, having a resolve and knowing how far you can go is the only way to determine success.

Estimate your worth.

Are you worth to be a civil servant when you had been charged of a felony in the past? How about a transportation related personnel when you had committed a DUI (Driving Under the Influence)? How about a cashier in a fast food or in a simple bar when you had been charged as a thief before? The answer to these questions is – NEVER! Nevertheless, your worth is just as big as any other human being; it’s just that you have to eliminate the jobs that are related to civil service. In short, have confidence.

Take the short-cut

The easiest way to get a job is to seek professional guidance from state agencies that are offering programs for training and career development for people with arrest records. This institution help work seekers write recommendation in their resume that will highlight their full qualifications. Not only these agencies will help you out with your interview and resume but sometimes they can connect you to the employers hiring people with criminal record.

Know the interview mechanics

Do you know what the most important thing in the interview is? It is the mechanics alone. Usually the questions you will encounter are, “describe yourself,” “describe your job experience,” and “why should I hire you?” Make a list of all the possible questions and ask someone help for your interview rehearsal as perfect as possible. The bottom-line is, do not come to an interview when unprepared. This does not only apply to you or your friend, it applies to all job seekers out there.

Psychology of the employer

Furthermore, you should know what the employers want and need in their company. Basically, all the questions from employers are just a test of your knowledge and professionalism. So if the employer asks you about your criminal background reports, don’t just throw some drama or ask him back why. Be polite and make it brief. Show him that you are worth more than your criminal record. But the most important thing is how you can answer the entire question about your job experiences and how you see yourself fit to the job.

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