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How to Find Information on Bankruptcy Records

Reasons in Finding Bankruptcy Records

Bankruptcy records are public information and are within the public records domain. It's there for everyone to see. Searching for someone's bankruptcy records can be helpful when you simply want to know more about the person. Looking through bankruptcy records can help you understand the motivations behind someone's bankruptcy filing. Did they file due to a life threatening situation that required an expensive medical surgery and the repayment of those debts were simply impossible? Was it because they overspent on their credit cards and weren't able to ever pay it back?

An individual that filed for bankruptcy in the last year or so probably doesn't have the best financial situation. Their financial stability at the very least is questionable, given the recency of their bankruptcy filing. Bankruptcy records help provide insight on someone's motivations for declaring and filing bankruptcy.

Situations to Search Someone's Bankruptcy Records

Here are some common scenarios that we recommend you check someone's bankruptcy records.

1) Your trying to help out a friend in need, but you are hesitant to ask about the full story about their recent bankruptcy. You want to be a good friend, but don't want to offer them bad advice. You search their bankruptcy records.

2) You are in talks with a potential business partner. You have heard great things from others in your industry about your future partner and feel somewhat comfortable. Your future business partner is even honest enough to disclose to you that they had a previous bankruptcy filing. You want to know exactly what's on their bankruptcy record, so you check it out to maintain your piece of mind.

3) Your neighbor is going around the neighborhood asking for some help in paying their mortgage or rent. You are hesitant to lend some money, even though you've known them for years. You decide to not get involved, but are still curious to know what is going on with them. You decide to search and find if they have a recent bankruptcy filing.

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