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How to Do a Background Check on Someone from an Online Dating Site

The Wonderful World of Online Dating

The online dating world has many pitfalls and trap doors. We will try to show you ways to avoid some of the most common problems around. 1 out of 4 couples today have met through and online dating site. composes a comprehensive survey of the online dating scene every year. Their Singles in America Survey for 2014 had some really interesting results.

The Semi-Deceptive World of Online Dating

Whether we are at terms with the fact that we lead online lives or not is not important. What's important is to realize that there are many more resources available online these days to know more about someone before you get into a relationship with them.

Here are some tips to protect yourself, and go out and there and have fun in the online dating world.

Find Out the Basics About Someone

Before you commit to giving your number out or even your email address to someone find out the following. After a conversation with a potential special someone on an online dating site get their first and last name. Oftentimes you can search their first and last name through Facebook or some other social networking sites. See if they even show up.

This will help you feel more comfortable with the fact that the person is more than likely real and not just a fake account on the dating site. Most of you reading this already know that profiles on online dating sites do not include peoples names and there are often limited pictures of the person.

Another good practice is to exchange phone numbers and get the other person's number as well. Now we are making some headway. We have a first and last name and the person's phone number. Plus, we've checked on Facebook or any other social network site to feel more comfortable that they are the real deal.

Here comes the hard part. How do we know if they have a drunk driving history, or a criminal record? What if they are a registered sex offender or even more traumatic, they are already married?

Do a Background Check

Now is the part where you dig a little deeper before attempting to schedule to meet that someone you have been talking to through an online dating site. Fear not for there is information out there that can protect you and insure your safety. Not to mention you save time, money and unnecessary heartbreak. Peace of mind is important so here is the best part.

With only the person's first and last name you can look up everything about them that is within the public record. Public records contain addresses, phone numbers, marriage/divorce records, criminal and arrest history and a whole bunch more.

Using a service like you can learn more about the person you are thinking of meeting than you could ever imagine. Do the family members match up that he/she talked about in your conversations under related persons? Did they tell you their real age? How about if they lived in a previous city or had been divorced before?

All of these pieces of information will be at your fingertips and then the judgement call is left to you! Everyone should have the right to access information that is in the public record by law, and in today's growing digital world, information is power!

Good luck out there daters!

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