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How to buy a criminal background check?

Buy a Criminal Background Check

Buy criminal background check and have the same information as the police!

Most people feel it is difficult to obtain or buy a criminal background check on someone. They feel they need a connection with the courts. Some think it's not even accessible to the public. The truth is that you don't have to be lawyer to obtain these records. In fact, it is really simple to buy a criminal background report on someone. Federal laws allow for all Americans to buy a criminal background check. This information is a part of the public record and available.

Where would someone interested in conducting a criminal background check on someone go? Well, the first thing that comes to mind for most is to look online. There are many sites online that charge a small fee to get such a report. is one of them. Many other sites charge for each report you would like to get. However, believes that access to these reports should be unlimited and anyone that signs up should have access to run these reports on all 317 million Americans.

Criminal Records in the United States

Criminal records are a part of the public domain. Find out for yourself here. The Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act under federal mandates allow for the American public to have access to criminal history. Local and state police departments are required by law to maintain arrest and sentencing information in their own databases. The only people that are exempt from this are juveniles, those that are underage.

In the United States, criminal and background check companies and private investigators are allowed to enter a county courthouse and search for criminal records by their name and can have a county clerk search for them.

Aside from the federal repositories that hold criminal history data, many states have their own comprehensive statewide arrest information. It is important to look for a criminal background check company that searches federal and state databases and cross references this information. You want to obtain the most current and comprehensive record on someone. Good luck out there on your search, and remember that it is your right as a citizen to be able to obtain criminal background history.

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