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How On Earth Did This Halloween Decoration Go Wrong?

If you haven’t heard, a woman in Detroit has had the police called more than once about her “Too Real” decorations. The lady who is responsible for this hilarious attraction is named LaRethia Haddon. The reason she gets so festive during this Great Holiday is because her husband’s birthday falls on Halloween!

LaRethia wakes up every morning and moves this dummy all around her yard. She puts it in different positions and different spots and watches from her window to see the reactions from the community. Larethia came out with a statement saying, ”The corner is always full of cars, People running up trying to do CPR. Once they find out it’s not a real person, it’s so hilarious to see their reaction."

The Detroit police department is not as amused as Miss Haddon. They have come out with a statement explaining they feel that Miss Haddon should put out a sign to explain that is just a decoration. Miss Haddon has explained she has been doing this for years and for whatever reason this year it has gathered a lot of attention. LaRethia says, "it’s sad that she has to bring the dummy inside at night, she has learned from past experience if she doesn’t then good bye dummy!”

Miss Haddon still plans on doing it every year. She loves the reactions from the kids and bringing laughter to the community. She feels they need it there in Detroit.

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