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How Much of a Tip is Too Much?

Most of us know that when receiving service from certain professions a tip is generally needed. Most of us also know that each tip is dependent upon which person you are tipping, right? Not everyone does. In the United States, there are approximately 25% of workers who make their living mostly on tips. This includes waiters/waitresses, cab drivers, even bellhops! These are the easy ones most people know, but what about the guy handing you coffee at your local coffee shop? How about your bartender? Your barber!?!? Sometimes it's great to know what the expected tipping benchmark is, before you insult someone. Find a released infographic below of the most common tipping situations you may find yourself in, along with special circumstances to consider.

You will notice that in general 15-20% is the standard, but something else to consider, is where your tip actually goes. Depending on the restaurant, when you tip your waiter, he may stick it in his pocket and go about his day, or he may put it in a big jar that everyone splits when the place closes, OR he may split it with the busboy, dishwasher, even the cook! You may feel that your drinks took too long, or that you weren’t seated in a quiet enough corner, but try to think a minute before stiffing a place! You may just be short changing someone's living.

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