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How Ingenuity Got Stunted In Texas

If you haven’t heard of this, take a look. A 14-year old Muslim ninth grader in Irving, Texas named Ahmed Mohamed was just arrested for displaying extraordinary engineering know how by bringing to school a clock that he had created himself from spare parts.

As you can see from the above photo, this supposed bomb was nothing more than parts thrown together from a local radio shack into a fancy pencil box. You may see beside the box a normal power plug for scale. While some of us may not have seen a real bomb in person, this does a horrible job of imitating a real instrument of destruction.

After being very proud of his accomplishment, Ahmed decided to bring the clock to school to show his teachers, which they were well warned of in advance. However, while sitting in class with the clock in his backpack, it beeped, causing his teacher to search Ahmed’s bag, and called the police in on a bomb threat.

The youngster gave an interview after his release wearing the same NASA T-shirt that he was arrested in. He was more disappointed in the situation than upset; “It was really sad that she took the wrong impression of it”, Ahmed stated on Wednesday. “I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her; she thought it was a threat to her.”

Ahmed Mohamed was denied being able to speak to his parents while being held for interrogation. In Texas there is a law that states,” Juveniles in Texas may have a parent, guardian or attorney present during interrogation” Mohamed’s request was denied repeatedly. Mohamed wasn’t able to see his parents until after interrogation when he was released.

People over twitter supporting Ahmed Mohamed raised the attention to the President, Barack Obama, and the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. Barack Obama sent a tweet out inviting the young man to the white house. Mark Zuckerberg tweeted he wanted to meet the young and talented Ahmed Mohamed.

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