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How can I find my Criminal background Report?

Does an Arrest on a Criminal Background check show up?

The answer is yes. When the arrest record becomes a public record it will be on a background check. In the United States, the type of records that may show up on a criminal background check include:

  1. Arrest Records
  2. Court Records
  3. Police Reports
  4. Criminal conviction records

In most cases, these are considered public records. With that being said, this does mean that the public does have access to these records. Some states and federal laws make it legal for members of the public to have access to convictions, arrest, and sex offender records. The exact guidelines of the availability of these records differ from state to state, due to each state having their own laws. So make sure to look into those state laws prior to checking into those public records or paying a service to have access to those records.

How can I access my criminal background report?

The best plan for access to something like this is to search into services through google. Run a background search on yourself, it is important to see what will be shown on this report. There are multiple ways of getting a copy of your own background report.
1. Use a trusted online criminal background check service( like
2. You can check on your state’s website to see what requirements are needed to apply in-person to access this report.
3. You can submit an online request through your state’s Department of Justice website, but this will only show the criminal records in that state.

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