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easy cool and scary pumpkin carving ideas for halloween

One of the most beloved Halloween traditions is the carving of pumpkins to create jack-o-lanterns. These luminous decorations can be spooky or cheerful, taking their inspiration from a wide variety of sources. Whether you want one round jack-o-lantern with triangle eyes and a jagged mouth or five jack-o-lanterns of varying shapes and sizes, pumpkin carving is a fun family activity that leads to the creation of an iconic piece of Halloween decor.

Drilled Pumpkin Vases

One of the loveliest homemade Halloween decorations that you can make is a drilled jack-o-lantern that doubles as a vase. This project is fairly involved, but the results are beautiful. Using a drill with bits of varying sizes, drill a pattern into your pumpkin. Use tape and markers to help you plan out your pattern. Drill holes in the removable top so you can place individual flowers in each hole, and put a jar of water inside the pumpkin for the flowers. Scatter at least half a dozen glow sticks around the inside of the pumpkin and replace the lid for a vibrant decoration.

Disney Pumpkin Carving Templates

Even if you don’t think of yourself as artistic, there are tools available to help you make wonderfully cool Halloween decorations. If your kids are Disney fans, they’ll love the many templates the company has to offer, such as this Snow White design. Print out the pattern and tape it to the front of the pumpkin. Use a tack or pushpin to make tiny holes all around the lines on the pattern, then remove the paper. Use the pin-prick holes as a guide for where to cut, and refer to the pattern if needed. The resulting Disney design is a dream come true!

Lacy Pumpkins Carving Idea

Some Halloween ideas veer toward the elegant, such as this suggestion from Martha Stewart. To add a touch of class to your DIY Halloween decorations, take some inspiration from the 1700s with these luminaries. Select pumpkins with white or pale skin and choose carving tools with distinctive blades that will make free-hand carving simple even if you don’t know how to carve a pumpkin. Cut a circle out of the bottom and empty out the innards. Place tape around the middle of the pumpkin as a guide, then make small cuts in a regular pattern around the pumpkin. Work upward and downward until you are satisfied with the lacy effect.

Tinkerbell Magical Fairy Dust Pumpkin

For these pumpkin carvings, start with an artificial pumpkin of any size. Find a silhouette of Tinkerbell online and print it out. As with the Snow White pattern above, tape the picture to the pumpkin and use a pushpin to make tiny holes all around the outer edge. Use a hot knife to carve out Tinkerbell and a drill with bits of varying sizes to surround her with tiny holes in a swirling pattern. Toss in a small light bulb and dim the lights to bask in the pixie dust’s magical glow.

Happy Whale Pumpkin Carving

Letting your creative juices flow over a tall pumpkin with a knife and a peeler can transform it into a super adorable whale, resting on top of a huge tray all covered with lots of Halloween candy. While the bottom third of the vegetable works as the tale of your happy whale, the stem turned upside down plays the role of a spout. And the main section has got a huge smile, along with two little eyes that have been carved out with utmost simplicity. A piece worth decorating the dinner table!

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