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How to Easily Connect with Family and Friends

In these times it is very simple to lose touch with our loved ones. In the information age why would you want to live another day not talking to the ones you love? We at have worked hard to provide the information you may need to connect once again. Reconnecting with those who you haven't talked to in years can often be hard. But here are a few ways to make it simpler.

Connect with those closest to you first

Sometimes the people closest to us are the hardest to dedicate time to. This could be the year to change that! Force yourself to sit down and talk to each person closest to you at least once a week. A good hour at least!

Bury the Hatchet

Even though life is short, sometimes we give up too soon on those relationships that are worthwhile. That college roommate who you got in an argument with and never called again. Was it really worth losing a friend? Get back to talking with them, they are worth it.

Genes are more than pants

You can't know where you are going, unless you know where you've been. Looking up where your bloodline came from can give you a new perspective on life. Who knew your great grandmother was married to a carny? Only one way to find out!

Dust off that Family Tree

Every family out there has a few "black sheep" that fade into memory. Don't let them get out of touch. You never know when you just might miss them! Don't let it be too late when the time comes.

Use every tool available

Social media has become a lifestyle. Facebook and Twitter are not just for celebrities. They can be a valuable tool to get back in touch. Classmates, co-workers, even those elusive black sheep.

Reunions are more than high school

There should never be a time when you look back and forget. Every grand-something that is here today may not be tomorrow. Don't let your children have blanks in the family tree. Meeting once every 5 years is a good step to make sure your family is always close.

If there were any time to get started it's now! If you need any help connecting please go to and do a free search to locate your loved ones. We'll be here waiting!

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