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Dangers of the Internet

It is often said that one must be careful when doing anything online. The headlines appear to back up this sentiment with rampant stories about killers who hunt using and young teens being terrorized by online predators met on social networking sites. Perhaps more chilling, are those who are "cyber-bullied" until they reach their breaking point. These news outlets would have you believe that any innocuous interaction with a person met online has a high percentage of ending like a Lifetime Network made-for-TV movie.

What most neglect to mention is that in most of these cases, the tragedy could have been easily avoided. For instance, the string of robberies that resulted in the death of one victim, dubbed the "Craigslist Killings", the victims were offering "erotic services" on the popular social networking website. The logical conclusion is to avoid offering illegal services on line. You must keep in mind that illegal activities will draw the attention of people that do not have qualms about engaging in illegal activities.

What Teenagers Face Online

A similar point can be made for the rash of teenagers assaulted by those they have met on social networking sites. Adults are responsible and accept culpability for their actions because they are old enough to make informed decisions. But, what of those who are underage? Is there no way to keep them from becoming easy prey for the lowest of human society? The easiest way to combat these situations is to simply be responsible as a parent or guardian.

There is no crime in making sure that you are aware of what your child is up to online and taking measures to minimize their exposure, though the child may disagree. Facebook has lowered its minimum allowed age to 13 from its previous 18. You can make sure that your under aged child does not have an adult account.

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