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Corrlinks Allows Family and Friends to Be in Touch While in Prison

Corrlinks Helps Prisoners

Corrlinks helps communication for prisoners.

Corrlinks is basically email, but for those incarcerated. It is a fee based service that inmates can use to send and receive email. Federal prisons are already using the service and certain states are making Corrlinks available as well, such as Iowa.

All federal inmates aren't allowed to used Corrlinks and there are certain restrictions. There are inmates who are convicted of federal crimes that are related to the internet and those prisoners don't have the same privileges of use.

Those convicted of crimes such as insider trading and wire fraud like the infamous Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme apparently have some type of access. The term is featured in the New York Times and referred to as Jail Mail.

There are numerous security measures before family and friends of an inmate are allowed to communicate with an inmate.  Those in communication are required to validate an identification code and agree to certain terms and conditions that Corrlinks strictly requires.

Corrlinks is expanding fast and they are adding many more facilities and moving on to get state prisons to allow use of their services. There is even a Corrlinks app that you can use on your smartphones to compose and send messages conveniently.  21st century communications are allowing everyone to be connected and in touch. Even if those that would like to be communicating are incarcerated.

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