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Best April fools' pranks!

Today is my favorite holiday! That's right it is April fools' day! This is day is filled with laughter, smiles and all around great environment for pranks! So I wanted to bring you a few ideas to prank your family, friends or even colleagues!

The toothpaste treat trick

Buy Oreos for the office. Then laugh at their bewildered and disappointed faces as they realise you've filled their biccies with toothpaste. You MONSTER.

A-mayonnaise-ing prank

Try to soothe your angry colleagues with some nice fresh doughnuts after the Oreo toothpaste incident.

But replace the custard filling with mayonnaise. Maybe hide in the toilet for the rest of the day.

Or don't hide in the toilet, but pretend to instead

Simple, yet effective!

Pure evil

Maybe attach an air horn to the toilet wall while you're hiding to give unsuspecting people and everyone else in the toilets - a shock when they open the door. Obviously DON'T do this to anybody with a heart condition.

Make them think their screen is cracked

Find and download a reasonably high-resolution image of a cracked screen. Searching on Google images should give you lots of options, or you could just use the one here.
Set the image as a screensaver on their computer, making sure it is set to activate after a short amount of time (30 seconds or so).If you colleague uses a desktop computer rather than a laptop, you could make the prank more convincing by unplugging their keyboard and mouse.

In an English keyboard garden

Add seeds, water and loo roll....and you've got an eco-keyboard!

(Temporarily) render their mouse unworkable

This one is deviously simple. Just stick a little bit of tape over the laser on the bottom of the mouse and it will stop working. Most people won't think to turn it upside down and look for a good long while

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