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According To Employees These Are The Best Items to Purchase at Trader Joes

People gush about Trader Joe’s. You know, because of their deals and awesome staff and of course, their fresh and quality produce. Did I mention their customer service is TOP-NOTCH?

Recently, some employees spoke out about what to get at Trader Joe’s. I know I buy as many frozen mangoes as I can, but ideally, I’d love to buy everything in the store.


According to Inside sources, the .19 cents per banana is actually a steal.

“Bananas are a good deal,” one employee told me. “Nineteen cents apiece. I’ve actually gone and weighed a pound, and you can get five bananas for under a dollar. Whereas if you go elsewhere, you’re paying for the peel.”


Two-buck chuck is great, but TJ’s carries some wine that taste even better priced around $4.99 to $5.99. You still don’t break the bank to get drunk on tasty wine. Isn’t that great?

“We have a lot of wines that are between $4.99-5.99, and they’re all really good,” a helpful employee told us. That includes the Chariot red, an Italian Contadino pinot grigio, and a 1967 Toscana. There are also wines priced up to $120 p/bottle, but we’d recommend instead buying 24 bottles of the $5 wine.

Organic Sweet potatoes

There’s a lot of ways to cook sweet potatoes and Trader Joe’s helps you out with that because you can get a 3lb bag for $3.99. And because they’re organic, you can be sure you’re getting the good stuff.


At $1.99 per carton, it’s a great price. (Egg prices have gone straight through the roof recently!)


Apparently, people cannot get enough of Trader Joe’s roasted plantain chips. “One mid-sized store employee told me they sell a case of ’em per day,” Lee Brousler wrote for Thrillist. In fact, “in the aisle with all the chips, the White Cheddar Corn Puffs and veggie chips are constantly being restocked.”

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