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5 non-lethal weapons that you wont believe exist!

As many of you know, lately the debate of gun control has been a huge debate. We wanted to show you were 5 non-lethal weapons that are used around the world. Some of you might not be comfortable with guns in your home, but as crimes are being committed in the U.S. it is important to be able to defend yourself. Some of these weapons listed below may be illegal to own or even require a permit to carry them. How do you think these weapons compare?

  1. Bean Bag Guns

A Bean Bag Gun! This might sound a little too fun to use, but these guns pack quite a punch! Each bean bag weights about 40 grams and is filled with a lead shot. On impact the bag can knock you off your feet and can even cause muscle spasms. This may not be the safest way to defend yourself, but it sure is safer then a gun.

2.JPX Jet protector

Now, This isn't just any ordinary gun. This is a gun that shoots pepper spray!

3.Net Gun

A net gun in my opinion is an awesome alternative to stop a criminal! This gun shoots a net at the assailant and wraps around them. The nets are reusable, but it is a pain to get the net back into the gun.

4.Tactical pen
Now this gadget right here is an amazing weapon!It looks like your average pen but really it can be used for all sort of things! Need to be able to stab into a rock!? How cool would that be!

5.The speechJammer

This gadget right here is my personal favorite! Ever met someone that hearing the sound of their voice made you want to scream? Two researches by the name of Kazutaka Kurihara and Koji Tsukada made a device that, when aimed at the target, it makes it nearly impossible for them to talk! How insane is that!

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