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5 Back to School Tips for Parents

As memories of Fourth of July fireworks begin to fade and sales signs begin to sprout in storefront windows, families across the nation begin to realize that back-to-school time has snuck up on them again.

Though your children may want to pretend that summer will never end, you know that the return to the classroom grows closer with every passing day. And although no formula has yet been created to ensure a seamless transition between summer vacation and the start of school, the following five tips can help make back-to-school time a little easier.

Be Enthusiastic

Almost every student approaches the start of a new school year with at least a bit of trepidation, and if your child has struggled with school in the past, he’s much more likely to be less than overjoyed about heading back into the classroom.

Be Realistic

Instilling a sense of confidence and enthusiasm in your child is an important part of preparing for a new school year, but be careful not to raise her expectations too high.

It may be tempting to comfort your child by promising her or him that none of the frustrations they might have experienced in the past will rear their ugly heads again this year, but when this doesn’t come to pass, you may be left with a child who is both disappointed in their circumstances and distrustful of the person (you) who pledged that they wouldn’t have to go through all of this again.

Be Prepared

When it comes to their children’s experiences in school, many parents take a “wait and see” (or, in some cases, a “hold our breath and hope for the best”) approach. Some may even be intimidated by school personnel, or may feel that advocating on their child’s behalf will target them as being troublemakers.

In truth, being proactive doesn’t mean that you’re being pushy; rather, it means you are committed to your child’s welfare, and you know that it’s easier to solve a problem before it gets too big.

Be Consistent

When it comes to your child and school, don’t forget that routines are your ally. From consistent bedtimes to a well-established homework zone, developing positive habits can help ease anxiety and promote appropriate behaviors.

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